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Ten thousand mile Mongol Rally Update

Back in June we were proud to announce sponsorship of STAAG (The University of St Andrews Adventure Group): an intrepid bunch of students on a 10,000-mile pan-continental expedition to raise money for GoHelp’s charity project in Mongolia.

The STAAGs were taking part in the Mongol Rally; a marathon road trip in which 879 teams cross 10,000 miles of mountains, deserts and rough terrain to reach their final destination: Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Maybe you noticed the official STAAG Mitsubishi, ‘Mitsy’, driving around St Andrews beforehand with The Preservation Company’s logo on display.

These courageous students commenced their mission on 14th July 2012 at Woburn safari park. Led by team member Tom in Mitsy, the crew set off on their epic road trip, journeying across inhospitable lands to the ancient Mongol capital. Throughout the course of the rally, other vehicles such as the team’s Ranger gave up the ghost, but not so Mitsy, who soldiered on to her ultimate destination.

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