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What exactly is Dry Rot and how does it occur? 

Dry Rot is an invasive and progressive wood-rotting fungi which can, if ignored, lead to significant and costly structural damage. Contrary to the name, dry rot does not grow in dry conditions which is why it is vitally important that properties are regularly maintained. Often on damp timber, Dry Rot can cause a myriad of issues and in extreme cases can cause complete structural deterioration.  

Dry Rot is a fungal decay

Dry Rot is a dangerous fungal decay that primarily affects timber due to dampness in the surrounding areas. It is often found in areas hidden away from view, such as floorboards or behind walls. Established Dry Rot will begin to show physical signs, including patches on the wall and fruiting bodies of the fungus, significant damage may have already been caused by the time these fungal fruiting bodies appear.

Caused by damp conditions

Dry Rot can occur in places of high humidity and poor ventilation, especially where condensation is common. If you spot condensation on your windows, have suffered from flooding or a leak in the past, or rarely ventilate you may be susceptible to Dry Rot.

It attacks timber and crucial  structures

Dry Rot will eat away at timber and over time significantly weaken it. When this happens in crucial areas of structure the risk of further, and much more catastrophic, damage to your property is very real. It is important to treat Dry Rot in good time to prevent its spread and the risk of collapse.

How do I identify Dry Rot


Smell can be a key indicator of hidden Dry Rot, often you may smell a musty or damp smell that penetrates a room from a certain location.


More progressed Dry Rot begins to break apart timber and walls. If timber crumbles easily or an area feels damp act fast!  


The final stages of Dry Rot are physical growths penetrating your property. From patches of orange-brown to full fungal bodies growing in the area.

What does Dry Rot look like?

Our Gallery of Dry Rot in real world conditions can help you identify its appearance. If you see any signs of Dry Rot do not hesitate, get a professional survey as soon as you can.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dry Rot

Our Gallery of Dry Rot in real world conditions can help you identify its appearance. If you see any signs of Dry Rot do not hesitate, get a professional survey as soon as you can.

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How we manage your Dry Rot issues

Now we know a little bit more about Dry Rot what are the best treatments, and how does The Preservation Company solve the issues Dry Rot causes?

As Contractor of the Year, you can rest assured you are in good hands. We offer a service that provides the best solution to each individual problem, this involves a close analysis of every property to ensure a unique and fitting plan is developed. 

1. Identify the cause of Dry Rot

Our first and most important step is to identify the origins and cause of the outbreak and we will always strive to provide detail on immediate and long term requirements relative to maintenance.

2. Check the surroundings

The area you spot Dry Rot is not always the source, it can spread easily and it is important to identify all locations Dry Rot could be present. Our professional service will survey the surroundings to ensure we spot all issues.

3. Treat the problem long term

Treating both the symptoms and the cause will help prevent issues from occurring in the future, sometimes this can involve larger remedial work but we will keep you informed of all treatment plans.

4. A bright and tidy finish

The best treatments are the ones that look like nothing ever happened. After we treat and solve the issues we ensure the perfect finish to blend any work with your interior design. We will leave your property as clean and tidy as possible.

Why choose us?


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Our clients satisfaction is always our number one priority. It’s for this reason we have so many great and glowing reviews. Our reviews really speak for themselves.

  • Peter Kirkwood

    The Preservation Company were easy to make contact with and dealt promptly with my enquiry. I would recommend The Preservation Company to others.

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    Peter Kirkwood
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    Very happy with the price and the work.  The team worked around us, and we didn’t expect to have such a good service with the price that we paid.  The work was exactly what we wanted and the team provided an excellent service and were friendly, helpful and pleasant.

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    Vickie Brooks