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What exactly is Wet Rot and how does it occur? 

Wet rot is caused by a fungus that thrives in wet, damp conditions. The most common type is Coniophora Puteana Wet rot occurs when the wood is exposed to high levels of moisture, either from rain, humidity or penetrating dampness. This moisture can create conditions that are favourable for fungal growth which then begin to break down the wood by feeding on the cellulose and hemicellulose in the timber. This weakens its structure and reduces its strength.

Wet Rot is a fungal decay

Wet rot is a type of fungal decay that affects timber and other wooden materials. It is caused by the growth of certain species of fungi that thrive in damp, humid conditions. Wet rot can occur when wooden materials are exposed to moisture over a prolonged period of time, either from water leaks or high levels of humidity.

Caused by wet and humid conditions

Wet rot will thrive in areas which are continuously damp. This tends to be very localised within properties as the source of water comes from external factors, such as a leaking pipe or penetrating dampness. Wet rot can spread to other areas which are highly humid by releasing spores in the space.

It eats at timber and weakens  structures

Wet Rot will eat away at timber, breaking it down from the inside. This causes the wood to become very weak and can even feel soft and spongy to touch. As wet rot continues to break down timber the entire structure weakens and, if left untreated, will eventually cause the loss of structual integrity.

What are the signs of Wet Rot

Soft and Spongy

One of the primary signs that you are suffering from Wet Rot is wood that has become soft and spongy. This is due to the fungus breaking down cellulose and hemicellulose within the wood.


Wet rot can cause wood to change colour, typically to a much darker shade. The affected area may also appear stained or waterlogged due to continued exposure to damp.

Fungal Growth

Advanced wet rot may result in visible fungal growth on the surface of the wood. This can take the form of black or brown patches, often with a fuzzy texture.

What does Wet Rot look like?

Our Gallery of Wet Rot in real world conditions can help you identify its appearance. If you see any signs of Wet Rot do not hesitate, get a professional survey as soon as you can.

How we manage your Wet Rot issues

Wet Rot can be devestating and at the first sign of an issue it is important to address the underlying moisture issue that is causing the fungal growth.

As Contractor of the Year, we provide expert advice on the best course of action for your specific situation and ensure that all work is carried out safely and to a high standard. By taking a proactive approach to managing wet rot issues, we will protect your property from further damage.

1. Identify the cause of Wet Rot

Wet Rot requires moisture to grow. Identifying the source and cause of this is the first step to managing the problem. Whether its a leak or another issue such as penetrating or rising dampness, its important to get it under control.

2. Repair damage and stop moisture

Treating Wet Rot begins with repairing the cause, whether this is a broken pipe or flood damage, we will establish the water ingress and advise regarding remediation. We will then repair or replace infected wood to finish the job.

3. Leave a tidy and safe environment

After successfully managing the causes and outbreaks of wet rot, we’ll make sure your property is clean and safe.

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