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What are Wood-boring Infestations and where do they come from? 

Wood-boring infestations are caused by tiny insects, including common furniture beetles, commonly known as Woodworms, and bark borer Powder Post Beetles. These pests can infest a variety of wood products, including furniture, trim, doors, and even structural components of your home.

Hungry insects become a pest

The most common sources of these infestations are wood-boring beetles and their larvae, also known as woodworm. These insects are attracted to wood because of its high cellulose content, which is essential for their development.

They can cause structural damage to property

Wood-boring infestations can be brought into your home by a variety of sources, such as from a piece of furniture or a wooden object. These insects feed on wood, leaving tunnels and galleries inside. These tunnels can weaken the wood, leading to structural damage over time.

Identify and address as soon as possible

A wood-boring infestation can cause significant damage to homes. By being proactive and taking the necessary steps to address wood-boring infestations, homeowners can help protect their homes from costly damage.

How to identify Wood-boring Infestation

Wood damage

Common signs of an infestation are small holes in wood surfaces and fresh frass.

Insect Residue

Another way to identify a wood-boring infestation is to look for insect residue. This could be sawdust or even dead insects.

What does a Wood-boring Infestation look like?

The most obvious sign of a wood-boring infestation is the presence of small piles of sawdust. These small piles are the result of the wood-boring insect’s boring tunnels in the wood. In some cases, the sawdust piles will be accompanied by tiny holes in the wood.

How we manage Wood-boring Infestations

At The Preservation Company, we understand the difficult nature of wood-boring infestations. We have the expertise and knowledge needed to identify the source of an infestation and develop a plan of action to restore your structure to its former condition.

With our expertise and knowledge, we can help you tackle your wood-boring infestation and prevent further damage.

1. Inspect and identify

Our highly-experienced surveyors will inspect your property to identify the type of infestation you have. Following an extensive inspection, we will determine the best solution.

2. Determine the damage

Damage caused by wood-boring beetles and insects can be extensive and weaken structures throughout your property. It is important that the full extent of the damage is determined.

3. Apply the best solution

Following our survey, we will determine the best solution for your infestation, saving you potentially costly and unnecessary ‘treatments’.

4. Clean and tidy

The best treatments are the ones that look like nothing ever happened. After we treat the issues we will tidy up and leave your property spotless.

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  • Jim & Muriel Gray

    We found The Preservation Company to be efficient, knowledgeable and honest. Gavin was very clear in his findings at the inspection and the whole team displayed excellent customer service skills. Good people to deal with, who do a value for money job.

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    Jim & Muriel Gray St Andrews
  • Mr. Barker

    Overall, a really positive experience. The people we dealt with were all very friendly and professional, making the process very smooth. The team who did the work were tidy and efficient. We’ll definitely use you again as the need arises

    Rated 5 out of 5
    Mr. G Barker Lochearnhead