So you’ve made the monumental decision to move house and you’re busy preparing for all the emotional and financial highs and lows that entails. You’ve found a buyer and you’ve set your heart on a perfect property in a desirable location. However you’re just a little concerned about the damp you’ve noticed on the kitchen ceiling and now your chartered surveyor or solicitor has picked up on possible timber defects that may require professional attention…

You’ve been referred to The Preservation Society for a specialist survey – what exactly can you expect to get for the pricey of a survey?

For a start you will benefit from our Managing Director Gavin White’s thirty solid years of experience in the building preservation industry. White holds CSRT status and Hidden Defects Insurance Auditor status – both qualifications cement The Preservation Company’s ability to fully assess properties and undertake a full property ‘Health Check’.

Gavin White

All initial survey requests will be carried out by one of our CSRT certified Surveyors within 24-72 hours. An average survey takes between 60 and 90 minutes and, unless we have been instructed otherwise, we feel we are only doing the client a true service if we examine all of the potential issues that may affect the property in the short, medium and long term.

Of course, the time spent surveying your property depends very much on the size and accessibility of the building; an empty house minus furniture or floor coverings is far more straightforward than a fully furnished premises!

Bespoke reports are sent out via email within 24 hours of survey completion and you can expect our findings to be highly detailed and several pages in length. Surveys include photographic evidence of any problems found and White’s professional advice as to whether or not any areas need further attention.

Should our survey uncover issues that require remedial treatment, The Preservation Company is of course well equipped to carry out that treatment.

Our team have specialised in preservation and repair for most of their working lives and combine over 100 years of experience and skill, so you can rest assured your property would be in excellent hands as we attend to any condensation, rising damp, penetrating damp or rot found during the survey.

In the event we are unable to treat a diagnosed problem, we have direct links to virtually all disciplines and will refer you to a specialist firm accordingly. As Gavin White explains, ‘Even if there is nothing that will benefit us directly in revenue terms, we want all clients to feel good about our service and professionalism.’

If you need a survey to be conducted as part of a home report, or you have recently discovered cause for concern within your existing property, why not contact us here – we provide surveys for both residential and commercial buildings and would be only too happy to give you the benefit of our expertise.