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Your local Property Preservation Specialist in St Andrews

Conveniently situated for St Andrews and its surroundings, The Preservation Company is an award-winning business specialising in the preservation of properties, from grand multi-tenant buildings to cosy homes. Our experienced team is well-equipped to assess and deal with any remedial treatment, diagnosis or repair. Whether you own a historical building in the heart of St Andrews or a charming cottage along the outskirts, we are dedicated to protecting your property’s integrity and architectural heritage.

  • Dry Rot Treatment
  • Wet Rot Treatment
  • Rising Dampness
  • Penetrating Dampness
  • Basement Water Management
  • Wood-boring Infestation

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Highly Rated

Our clients love us and we are rated 5 out 5 on Google Reviews

Award Winning

Twice Contractor of the year from Property Care Association awards

Perfectly Planned

Our professional planning ensures industry leading practices and safety

Our wonderful St Andrews clients speak highly of us.

Ensuring our client’s satisfaction is our utmost priority, which is evident from the outstanding and glowing reviews we receive. Our reviews speak volumes about the quality of our service.

St Andrews, we are here to assist you in preserving your property

St Andrews is renowned for its captivating charm, from its historic landmarks to the cosy homes nestled within its picturesque surroundings. As a responsible property owner, it is both a privilege and a duty to safeguard the architectural heritage of this enchanting town.

As recipients of the Contractor of the Year award, you can trust that your property is in capable hands. Our tailored approach ensures that each issue is thoroughly assessed, allowing us to provide the best solution for your needs.

We understand that property work can be a source of stress, so we strive to minimise disruptions while repairing existing problems and preventing their future recurrence.

Local Knowledge

At The Preservation Company, we take immense pride in our profound understanding of St Andrews’ rich architectural heritage. We recognise the importance of preserving the distinctive character of the town’s buildings while incorporating contemporary advancements. With our extensive local expertise, we offer customised solutions that seamlessly blend tradition with innovation.

Unmatched Expertise

With decades of industry experience under our belt, our team of skilled professionals has developed an intimate understanding of the distinctive challenges and demands of property preservation in St Andrews. By integrating our wealth of knowledge with cutting-edge techniques and technology, we consistently deliver exceptional results that surpass expectations.

Comprehensive Services

Whether you seek expertise in historic building conservation, damp proofing, timber preservation, or general property maintenance, we provide a diverse range of services meticulously tailored to suit your precise requirements. Our comprehensive approach ensures that every facet of your property receives meticulous attention, guaranteeing its preservation and augmenting its value.

Whatever the emergency,
our services are here to help

Our extensive range of services covers a diverse spectrum, and our commitment to quality remains constant regardless of the task at hand. With our years of experience and expertise, you can trust that we will always find a suitable solution for your needs.

Award-Winning Excellence

Our dedication to excellence and impeccable workmanship has garnered us numerous accolades. We have been honoured with prestigious awards that recognise our commitment to upholding the highest standards in the industry. These accolades serve as a testament to our unyielding passion for preserving the architectural splendour of St Andrews.

Trusted Partnerships

We have fostered robust connections with St Andrews’ local authorities, heritage organisations, and industry experts throughout our journey. These valuable partnerships enable us to stay abreast of current regulations, guidelines, and best practices, ensuring that your property’s preservation aligns with the industry’s highest standards.

Customer Satisfaction

We place your satisfaction as our top priority. Our relentless pursuit of excellence means that we go above and beyond to provide exceptional service, transparent communication, and reliable outcomes. Our team is committed to collaborating closely with you, understanding your vision, and delivering customised solutions that precisely address the unique challenges of property preservation.

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We offer personalised solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Reach out to us now to book a consultation and embark on the journey of revitalising and conserving your property in St Andrews. Let our award-winning expertise make a meaningful difference for you.

Did we mention we are award winners?

We are incredibly proud to be recognised as the Contractor of the Year in the damp and timber sector at The Property Care Awards 2021.

This esteemed accolade from the Property Care Association highlights our dedication and expertise in property preservation. Being acknowledged as award winners is a testament to our exceptional team’s hard work and commitment.